Building Strength With Barbells

Strength Training, Tone Up

Meet Melanie. She’s been steadily building her strength, fitness and technique with barbell exercises (and other great moves) πŸ‹οΈβ€β™€οΈ

When beginning our structured program she had one main goal: to tone up! And after seeing the scales move in a positive direction, along with adding muscle, we are reaching that goal – all thanks to those wonderful barbell deadlifts.

Barbells for strength training

The sumo deadlift is an excellent barbell exercise. The movement pattern helps build functional strength which is the type used during everyday activities such as lifting things off the ground. The barbell lift leads to better balance, steadiness and stability as well as many other benefits that come with having a strong body.

Sumo deadlifts and other barbell exercise are for you if your goals include:

βœ… Getting toned and feeling your best

βœ… Losing body fat from stubborn areas

βœ… Increasing your overall fitness so you’re healthier

βœ… Building strength so that daily activities are easier

βœ… Getting a stronger core to reduce back ache and improve posture

βœ… Fitting into smaller clothes so you can wear your old favourites again

βœ… Improving your mobility and flexibility to keep up with your kids or grandchildren

Melanie loves her sessions at Phoenix, and the benefits our coaching produces.