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Phase 1: FOCUS YOUR Mindset

Many of you reading this will have tried various weight loss programs and failed over the long run. We’ve noticed one big reason for this is that most average programs provide training, give nutrition advice and then that’s pretty much it.

What we’ve realised after 6 years in this industry is that many of us are struggling with our fitness for psychological reasons. Maybe we’re tired or stressed from work, maybe we feel lonely or down, or some other feeling entirely.

The point is everything starts first with a thought or feeling. You could have the best training program and diet in the world but if you constantly get cravings or are comfort eating multiple times per week then your progress will be minimal at best.

This is why our system at Phoenix STARTS WITH the psychology of health, wellness and weight loss. In this phase you’ll learn to think differently about food, you’ll gain effective techniques for eliminating stress and you’ll feel strong enough to resist cravings once and for all.


Exercising in a way that you enjoy and which you know you’re getting lots of out is crucial to long term success. Doing exercises you don’t like, or which aren’t pushing you to achieving your goals is simply not sustainable.

Whilst many types of exercise are effective how long do you typically stick with the kind of training that you don’t enjoy?

At Phoenix we’re all about sustainability and part of that is making fitness actually FUN.

You’ll train in groups with like-minded individuals of the same age and ability.

You’ll likely make new friends too and that makes showing up all that much easier.

This isn’t just something we do to make you feel good either, research proves that when you enjoy being active then you’ll automatically eat better, you’ll be more consistent and you won’t need to rely on motivation or willpower to get going. It will all become habitual and a part of your lifestyle.


Be honest, how many “diets” have you tried?

Many of our members have tried at least 4 and sometimes more. The problem with typical “diets” is they place unnecessary restrictions on you that are often hard to follow.

For example, low carb diets can be effective. But bread tastes amazing and how long can you go without caving in?

At Phoenix we’ve consulted with one of the UK’s leading Dietitian’s and Sports Nutritionists to create a nutrition program that’s unlike anything else in its simplicity, its ease of use and its ability to produce consistent but sustainable results for busy mums, dads and those with hectic time consuming work hours.

In fact it was specifically designed for busy people aged 30+.

Our nutrition system and guidance will overhaul your nutrition in the easiest & fastest way possible without disrupting your lifestyle.

No more avoiding family meals because you’re “on a diet”!

Welcome to Phoenix Fitness

The Home of Health and Fitness in Huntingdon

You’re here because you want to lose weight, build muscle and to keep fit and healthy. You want to tone up, define and sculpt your body, while still being able to enjoy a glass of wine or a couple of beers. You want to look and feel great in your clothes, especially the ones that don’t fit like they used to. You want to stop feeling tired and lethargic mid afternoon, instead you want bundles of energy. You want to feel back in full control of your body shape and diet, things have been let slip and you’ve had enough. It’s time to change. It’s time for a better lifestyle.

Let me assure you that by working with us every thing you want is possible, at an affordable price and at a time that suits your busy schedule.


Having joined Phoenix earlier this year I can honestly say that I’m thrilled to bits with the results I’m already starting to see! The variety of exercises and great group atmosphere have helped to keep me super motivated with both my diet and the daunting task of attending the gym multiple times a week. Both Luke and James are great , would highly recommend to anyone who wants to change their lifestyle for good!

I joined Phoenix over a year ago as a complete beginner in preparation for my wedding, I have seen some amazing changes since starting both physically and mentally. Training as part of a group has given me the opportunity to meet some great people and all sessions are fun and varied. Luke is always available to help and support you with your goals and push you that little bit further than you thought you could go.

Phoenix Fitness Gym

14 Stukeley Business Centre
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