What We Do For You

General Health

You want to get fit and strong, but you don’t know where to start?
Maybe you’ve tried going to the gym before, but it never worked for you!
Perhaps you’ve never stepped foot in a gym?

But, if you’re tired of feeling self conscious about your body, read on…

Imagine having a personal trainer and nutrition support that will help you achieve your fitness goals in a fun, supportive environment.

With workouts that are enjoyable and challenge you at your own level.

Imagine a programme that’s designed with your goals in mind, so you can reach them faster than ever before.

In a place where everyone is friendly and supportive of each other, and since there’s no pressure to be perfect, you can feel comfortable trying new things and making mistakes along the way. 

And imagine having coaches who are there every step of the way, helping you achieve your personal bests without feeling intimidated by others around you.

Phoenix is a community focused fitness facility where people come together to improve their body confidence and become fitter than they have been in years.

At Phoenix we believe that everyone should have access to high quality training and nutrition support at an affordable price. We provide a gym run by expert coaches so that anyone can get fit regardless of their experience level or financial situation. 

Our community is built on positivity and encouragement, along with our unique approach to coaching…

We could be the perfect solution for you.