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The ultimate Bootcamp

Train with like-minded people in an atmosphere that simply encourages success!

Choose from a range of packages that suite your needs and a time that fits in with your schedule.

ready to burn unwanted fat?

All of our classes are designed to burn fat, build muscle and increase cardiovascula fitness. Each different class type uses specialised equipment and is focussed on a particular aspect of excercise. Our class variations include HIIT training, strength and conditioning, functional movements, flexibility and core power. Every member has access to the full range of classes.

You will light the fuse on your body’s fat burning furnace! We focus on the main abdominal muscle groups that together with muscles in the back form the core, to build, tone and strengthen. The benefits include a more stable and balanced body, which protects the spine allowing more movement and promotes good posture. Workouts which contain a wide range of strength and mobility exercises. As well as a cheeky dose of high intensity interval training to tone and add definition to your body.
Expect to elevate your heart rate and torch calories. You’ll increase your cardiovascular fitness, optimise energy levels and leave the gym with that feel good factor. Hiit workouts that are sure to release endorphins and deliver the results you want. All to the sound of upbeat and motivational music. Sweat is fat crying!
You’ll utilise dumbbells, kettlebells and slam balls (along with lots of surprises) to challenge you technically, physically and mentally. The combination forces your body to react and grow stronger, ensuring you tone, define and sculpt your physique. Muscles will be pushed, pulled and twisted, resulting in greater endurance and a strong, powerful body to be proud of.

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Joined Phoenix Fitness in mid August, so far I’ve lost 16lb, 6% in body fat but gained some great, liked minded training buddies.

Luke is a top man who is knowledgeable and experienced but also realistic.

I’ve really enjoyed the sessions which are full of variety and as challenging as you want them to be!

The Covid-19 measures are excellent, separate areas for each person, hand sanitiser and a rigorous clean down after the session. I’ve felt safe and secure in the environment.

I’m looking forward to Luke’s support to reach my goals and then make them a life long change.

Come along and have a look!


Would recommend Phoenix to anyone that asks me about which gym to join, Luke and James are extremely supportive and helpful with whatever goals you set out to achieve!

The classes are amazing, very hard working but also very fun and Great banter with everyone! Can easily start seeing results within a couple of weeks!

Covid protocols are in place and work extremely well, feel very safe with everyone in their own little pod and their own equipment for each session. Their is hand sanitizer, Anti bacterial spray, kitchen roll and wipes in every pod to clean equipment after every use!

Love working out here!


Great atmosphere, challenging workouts and never ending support from Luke, James and all the members.


I’ve had gym memberships in the past. But this gym is so much better for me, I suffer from a bad back and hips from all the sitting and driving. After two weeks of starting back again, I am more flexible and stronger, it’s a must! Totally recommend it.

Join, you have nothing to loose, only to gain.


I’m not new to exercising but Phoenix Fitnes has taken my fitness to the next level.

After lockdown my local gym didn’t open and I was searching for a gym that opens early. From the first time I walked into Phoenix Fitness classes/gym I knew it was the right one for me. Everyone was so friendly. It’s a nice place to work out even at 6:15am!

The gym is comfortable and spacious. It’s well maintained at this covid period with plenty of hand sanitizers, wipes etc. Luke and James are both very knowledgeable and their workouts are varied every session.

Thank you guys you are awesome


What an amazing first week!! I had been thinking about joining Luke at Phoenix for a while but never took the final step however this summer I did and what a step it was! I have loved every minute of it so far. Luke has been great and clearly has a passion for his job and fitness. I am looking to get fitter/healthier and fit back into my size 12 jeans. The facilities are great and Everyone is so kind and supportive. I can honestly say I’m looking forward to what the next 3 weeks brings! #thisgirlcan


Somehow I always seem to grin like a loon when I do workouts with Luke. If grinning burned calories I’d be a waif by now but fortunately (I think) it’s hard work and motivation that builds up the muscles and stamina. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve still a long way to go, but Luke’s sessions combine hard work with good humour, great music and a large dose of feel-good vibes. I’ve never been an exercise keenie, but I can genuinely say I look forward to this gym for the friends I’ve made and the positivity it’s brought into my life both emotionally and physically. 5 stars with bells and whistles on. Ace.


Love my sessions with James, I’ve never ever been a morning person especially to go to the gym at 6.15 but look forward to the sessions and have so much more energy now that I do regular exercise! Can’t recommend this enough!