About us and how to get started

More than a gym, it’s a lifestyle

Once you become a member of See More Fitness you will be coached through every single aspect of your journey with us. You’ll learn the best exercises and the correct techniques so that you know you are doing everything properly. We’ll guide you with nutrition so you know exactly what to eat, and in what amounts to suit your desired body shape. You’ll learn about mindset and how to not only stay motivated, but how to be in control of your motivation. We give you every tool that you need to work on the biggest project of your life, which is YOU by the way.

Your 4 steps to success

1: What happens when you sign up?

The first step of our process is to assess where you are now in terms of your overall health. Regardless of if you’re a total beginner who’s never been inside a gym, or a seasoned gym goer looking for a new challenge, each person is different so requires individual assessment of diet, activity level, sleep pattern and various other factors which effect lifestyle. Once we have established where you’re starting, we can plan where you’re going. This part is done either over the phone or in person at the gym.

2: Using our systems

We use simple but effective systems into order to monitor your progress to ensure that you’re staying on track. If we see you’re struggling with a certain aspect, nutrition for example, we step in and give you extra coaching. We’ll take your starting stats (body fat %, weight, height, measurements and pictures) and set goals and targets. You’ll be shown how to use our booking system, given the number of your coach for any questions you have and invited into our private online groups. Most importantly we will set up on our nutrition system which promotes flexible dieting and is personalised to you so that you can sustain this way of eating for life, which means no more yo-yoing or restrictions.

3: Begin your workouts

Now the fun starts! However, we appreciate that not everyone sees it that way! But trust me our workouts are exciting, varied and will leave you feeling energised and strong. Every class starts with a proper warm up, and ends with our cool down and stretching methods. It’s important to say that we work closely with all of our members regardless of how long they have been training with us. That being said rest assured that as a newbie you will receive extra coaching on the exercises and equipment so that we can bring you up to speed and powering through your sessions. We’ll gradually build up your strength and fitness, challenging you and making sure you get the most out of every workout, but not pushing you too hard too soon.

4: Progress

You’re at step 4 which means you’re fully immersed in our fitness community. You’re using the systems, training consistently, losing fat, building muscle, fitting into smaller clothes and seeing the results you signed up for. You feel comfortable in the knowledge that you are now in the driving seat on your road to success. You have created the sustainable healthy lifestyle that you craved. You are now inspiring others around you to take control of their lives, and it feels amazing. We never stop coaching you, we don’t cease setting new goals and we constantly look to improve your experience. We love what we do, we’re good at it and we want to help. It starts with booking a phone call below.