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About Us

More than just a gym, it’s a lifestyle

Hi! I’m Luke Seymour, the owner of Phoenix…

That’s me in the adjacent picture (I promise I’m more fun and less serious than I look!). I chose that image to exibit my own transformation and as social proof that I’m the man for the job at creating an environment for you to achieve your transformation too. My passion for fitness led me to start a career in the industry back in 2014, since then I’ve opened 2 gyms and helped hundreds of people get into shape. Before lockdown my business was called See More Fitness however, with all the new restrictions and changes brought upon us I decided to take a new direction with my gym and coaching guidance, thus Phoenix Fitness was born! I improved every aspect of the great service I already provided and made the company even stronger. More value for clients, more class times, extra support outside of the facility and extra equipment inside it.

My vision for the future is clearer and motivation is at an all time high. Which is exactly the energy I bring to my members. We want you to get the very best fat loss and fitness results possible and provide all the necessary resources to ensure that you succeed.

Your 4 Steps To Success


What happens when you sign up?

The first step of our process is to assess where you are now in terms of your overall health. Regardless of if you’re a total beginner who’s never been inside a gym, or a seasoned gym goer looking for a new challenge, each person is different so requires individual assessment of diet, activity level, sleep pattern and various other factors which effect lifestyle. Once we have established where you’re starting, we can plan where you’re going. This part is done either over the phone or in person at the gym.


Using our systems

We use simple but effective systems into order to monitor your progress to ensure that you’re staying on track. If we see you’re struggling with a certain aspect, nutrition for example, we step in and give you extra coaching. You’ll be shown how to use our booking system, invited into our private online groups and members areas. Most important is to get set up on our nutrition system which promotes flexible dieting, personalised to you so that you can sustain this way of eating for life, which means no more yo-yoing or restrictions.


Begin your workouts

Now the fun starts! Our workouts are exciting, varied and will leave you feeling energised and strong. We work closely with all of our members regardless of how long they have been training with us. Rest assured that as a newbie you will receive extra coaching on the exercises and equipment so that we can bring you up to speed and powering through your sessions. We’ll gradually build up your strength and fitness, challenging you and making sure you get the most out of every workout, but not pushing you too hard too soon.



You’re using the systems, training consistently, losing fat, building muscle, fitting into smaller clothes and seeing the results you signed up for. You are now in the driving seat on your road to success. You have created the sustainable healthy lifestyle that you craved. You are now inspiring others around you to take control of their lives, and it feels amazing. We never stop coaching you, we continue setting new goals and we constantly look to improve your experience. We love what we do, we’re good at it and we want you to succeed.

A Gym Culture Where Every member feels a part of something Special 

How we can help you get into shape

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Real People. ReaL LIFE CHANGING Results.

Joined Phoenix at the end of February. Loved (and sweated) every single minute of it. I already feel fitter and happier! Lovely people to work out with and brilliant instructor!


Love my sessions with James, I’ve never ever been a morning person especially to go to the gym at 6.15 but look forward to the sessions and have so much more energy now that I do regular exercise! Can’t recommend this enough!


Great experience, professional coach, nice people I give 5 stars and I. would recommend it to others!!!  Love it ;))


What an amazing first week!! I had been thinking about joining Luke at Phoenix for a while but never took the final step however this summer I did and what a step it was! I have loved every minute of it so far. Luke has been great and clearly has a passion for his job and fitness. I am looking to get fitter/healthier and fit back into my size 12 jeans. The facilities are great and Everyone is so kind and supportive. I can honestly say I’m looking forward to what the next 3 weeks brings! #thisgirlcan


Love the atmosphere. Enjoy coming every week and look forward to my next session, I can really feel difference. Can’t wait to book next block of sessions.


Somehow I always seem to grin like a loon when I do workouts with Luke. If grinning burned calories I’d be a waif by now but fortunately (I think) it’s hard work and motivation that builds up the muscles and stamina. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve still a long way to go, but Luke’s sessions combine hard work with good humour, great music and a large dose of feel-good vibes. I’ve never been an exercise keenie, but I can genuinely say I look forward to this gym for the friends I’ve made and the positivity it’s brought into my life both emotionally and physically. 5 stars with bells and whistles on. Ace.


Everyone is very supportive and encouraging. Excellent atmosphere. Great place. You should definitely try it.


I’ve been going to Phoenix Fitness for over a year now, I originally joined an 8 week Bootcamp 5 months after having my second baby with the aim of doing something for me, and losing some of the weight I had put on! I had tried the gym but found I did the same thing time and time again. I love Luke’s sessions because they are so varied, and you don’t have to think about what to do or how to push yourself, over a year later I’ve never done the same work out twice and Luke is always there to push you that little bit further with a heavier weight or encouragement and targets. In a year I am healthier, fitter and it has encouraged me to get into other things such as running which I’ve never enjoyed before. My body shape has changed, I’ve lost 2 stone and I’m confident I will maintain the loss with the changes I’ve made with the workouts and support from Luke. It has also worked wonders for my mental health, I’m always less stressed and happier after coming and I’ve made a group of friends I now see at and outside of the gym.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you based?
14 Stukeley Business Centre
Stukeley Road
PE29 6HQ
Are the workouts ok if I haven't exercised for quite a long time… honestly?

This is specifically designed for all exercise abilities – from beginner to advanced. As long as you're over 30 and from the Huntingdon area.

I work different shifts - can I switch my times around?
Pick whatever sessions you want each week. You don't have to stick to the same ones.
How does the LIFESTYLE NUTRITION work?

Once you have reserved your spot, we will help you to work out a recommended daily calorie intake based on your current goals and weight. Then we will provide you with a meal planner, shopping list and recipe book that will fit within this recommendation.

What About Social Distancing Measures?

No problem. We are adhering to social distancing recommendations set out by the government. We have also reduced numbers in the sessions. 

How Clean Will The Equipment Be?

Each person is given their own freshly cleaned equipment on arrival that they keep during the session so there will be no sharing. We will still be cleaning our equipment in between sessions and hand sanitiser is available for each person to use during the session.